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About us

This project intends to promote the sale of products from non-industrial and small-scale agriculture in San Rufo which is a small village of 1,750 inhabitants located in the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni (Italy). In accordance to the existing legislation [Reg. (CE) n. 178/2002], sales will concern the sole “primary” (i.e., not transformed) agricultural products (e.g., olives, honey, chestnuts) obtained from family agriculture aimed at self-consumption of the rural community.

To be admitted to No-Firm Food transactions, consumers are kindly requested to attend, for one day at least, the harvesting procedure.

Landowners are admitted to No-Firm Food transactions if and only if:

  • agriculture is aimed at private or domestic consumption without any sort of formally recognized entrepreneurial organization;
  • “primary” agricultural products are obtained from the cultivation of soils located in San Rufo,
  • they agree to sell small amounts of “primary” agricultural products in line with the sale process reported in this website for each product (how to buy).



On the one hand, the No-Firm Food programme is expected to represent an opportunity against the abandonment of rural areas. On the other hand, this programme is expected to meet costumers’ needs of maximum food security in terms of

  • high quality soils of production, and
  • healthy farming techniques (no chemical products at all).

Production for self-consumption is the most important - not the only - guaranty of the No-Firm Food programme; No-Firm Food landowners consist of non-professional farmers harvesting the fruits of old cultivations, like olives, in the absence of profit maximization objectives.


Food security is additionally granted by the high quality of soils. San Rufo is part of the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano, and Alburni, and, mostly, far away from both metropolitan areas and firm districts. This land has been facing up to continuous emigration due to increasing urbanization (The Abandoned Beauties of Italy’s 20,000 Ghost Towns, DailyMail/MailOnline, 5 May 2015); most importantly, land fragmentation as well as local cultural traits have seriously undermined the rise of an entrepreneurial organization. As such, agricultural products are obtained at costs sensibly higher than the average market price, which makes these products marketable for very demanding customers only.

Finally, the sale process established within the No-Firm Food programme represents an additional guaranty for customers, as the latter are required to attend to the harvesting procedure (at least for one day) in such a way as to avoid any sort of abuse as well as to enjoy the participation to an important moment in the life and culture of this community.


How to buy

As the amount of products is limited and, mostly, volatile due to climate conditions, consumers willing to buy are required to book via email ( the products of interest, indicating the relative quantities and the selected No-Firm Food producer for each product.

Booking is free and does not give rise to any sort of obligation for the customer.

After booking, each costumer will receive a personal code which is immediately published on the official No-Firm Food website in such a way as to attribute chronological priorities on agricultural products.

Once harvesting days have been identified by each producer and published on the No-Firm Food website, the staff of No-Firm Food will get in contact with consumers, according to the priorities, to ask for the confirmation of the transaction. At this stage, the consumer willing to buy is required to pay as security  deposit the 20% of the transaction value on the bank account of the No-Firm Food producer.


Primary Products

  • olives
  • chestnuts (starting in 2018)
  • honey (starting in 2018)
  • truffle (starting in 2018)
  • ...


 How to reach us


By highway (exits on SA A3): Polla, Atena Lucana (about 10 km from San Rufo).

By Train: Salerno (about 100 km from San Rufo).

By Airport:  Napoli-Capodichino (about 150 km from San Rufo).


 Accommodation in San Rufo


Agriturismo “Acquafredda” – Via Policeta – San Rufo (SA)

Agriturismo “Erbanito” – Via Palizzo – San Rufo (SA)

Agriturismo “Antica Tenuta” - Contrada Camerino - San Rufo (SA)

Casavacanza "Lavecchia House" - Via Lungo Cervi - San Rufo (SA)

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